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Dear mcjjtm:
You say you are a Christian ...well in my opinion it appears that somewhere along the way you missed out on a few lessons..."Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" ..."Love thy neighbor"..My lesson in responding to you is "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do"....I forgive you for your nastiness and your judgemental statements, because I am a Christian too. To be perfectly honest though, I feel very sorry for your brother if you are in any way involved in his healing ranger and your attitude both give off very negative vibes which is very detrimental to the healing process.
As for your comments about my sons, contrary to your opinion they are 3 wonderful young men who have been reared to the best of my ability, and are loving and respectful and give purpose to my life.  My dearest wish is to be here to see them grow up.  I do not allow them to use any profane language, certainly not around adults, and though I would like to think they never use inappropriate language, they probably do use it amongst themselves. ..a particular phrase I particularly detest that seems to be popular amongst teenagers these days when they really dislike something is "it sucks"....  I used that horrible phrase to describe your attitude in your email. Not my sons.  I apologize, but your attitude was sure less than Christian to say the least.  I don't spend time with my head buried in the sand living on the computer.  I have two full time jobs, one as a mother and another as an accountant and I lead a rich, rewarding life...I belong to this forum not only for the support and caring it provides, but also in the hopes that all I have learned in my cancering journey these past years may be of help to someone else.  Believe me, it's a tough journey - your brother sure doesn't need an angry person like you helping him.
This cancer forum has an incredible number of wonderfully caring cancer patients or caregivers.  It is a pity - you could probably find out a lot of very valuable information that could help your brother tremendously.  Unless they too have been patients or caregivers, doctors, however well meaning, are not the best equipped or able always to provide the care or information or tips or advice or suggestions that you could obtain on this forum. They have not normally "walked a mile in our shoes".
If 168 emails are too overwhelming, you could always, as Nanc suggested, hit the delete key.....You may want to go out and purchase two books for your brother ...Greg Anderson's book "50 Essential Things to do when the diagnosis is cancer" and Dr. Bernie Siegel's book "Love, Medicine and Miracles"....Maybe you could take the time to read them too. .

I wish your brother the best on his tough journey.  For you I pray that God's love fill your heart and melt away the anger and nastiness. My prayers go out to you and your family at this difficult time. God bless.
Cori. wrote:

Dear mcjjtm-
What an attitude you have, and not Cori's Sons, read her post again and you
will see, that is what her sons would think of you, or anyone else for that
matter, with an attitude like you have.  She has raised her sons very well
and they do know what respect is, far be it from them to have an attitude
like yours.  I truly feel sorry for you cause you must be a very unhappy
person, and it goes far beyond 168 e-mails in one day, cause the delete key
is just a finger away.  You hit on everyone here who tries to help you.  Cori
has cancer, I know you don't care, but it was very unfair for you to hit on
her as you did, she could be dying and her biggest fear is to leave her boys
before they gradurate from highschool, or to leave them at all at such a
young age.  She has one more to get through highschool, and the others are in
college.  Are you an educated person?  It is very hard to tell from your
postings.  I feel sorry for your brother if you are anywhere near him through
his decisions and healing process, you and your attitude would definitely
hinder that.  Don't you hear yourself?  You are very bitter, and not a very
nice person, you are rude to put it a bit more plain.  I feel sorry for your
friends, that is if you have any, which I doubt with your ATTITUDE!!!!!  God
Bless you and help you heal and find compassion for those around you, or that
you come in contact with, for we are all children of God.  I still send you
Love, hugs & prayers to you and yours,
Nanc ():-)
Just ask nicely and I will help you.....
Mols scroll on down and read the post this person sent to our lovely Cori.
God forgive her Cori, for she knows nothing about you.  I am so sorry that
you had to be put through are very dear to all of us.

Please remove my e-mail address from you mailing list!!!!!!!!I don't care who
has cancer and who doesn"t
      My anger doesn't have anything to do with anyone who has lung cancer or
any other cancer.  My anger is form 168 e-mails in 24 hours...and as far as
your remarks about your teenage son language!  appears like you need to spend
time correcting his language instead of e-mailing me!
In a message dated 6/13/99 1:00:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
<< Dear mcjjtm - if you read the instructions, you could remove yourself.
Others would no doubt be happy to help you, but the first rule to make people
want to help you is to ask nicely.  Maybe you don't care who has cancer and
who doesn't, but all of our friends on this forum are either cancer patients
such as myself, or caregivers to cancer patients - and they are a wonderful
group of people.  You obviously went into the forum for a reason - none of us
signed you on - God help you or whomever you are a caregiver for with your
anger and attitude - as my teenage sons would say - it "sucks".....  >>