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Re: [MOL] Hello all Molers

Hi Christine,
I'm not on as much in the summer time either.  I have to keep up the outside 
as well as the inside of our house.  I still have the back of the house and 
one deck to power wash yet, to hot to do that this week, in the upper 90's.  
It takes a good 7 hours to cut our grass, and weed wack and has to be done 
every  week.  I hang out my laundry too.  I cut out wood stuff to paint in 
the winter, for my crafts, I'm not doing any shows this summer but I am 
building up my stock, so when I do start up again I won't have to work so 
hard, and I do sell some once in awhile from here.  My Mother isn't doing to 
well right now, so that takes more time.  We also get more company.  It was 
good to hear from you, do keep in touch when you can.  Don's scans showed no 
tumors yet, another cat scan in 3 months to check the node in the bottom of 
the left lung.  So far so good.
Love, hugs & Prayers to you and yours,
Mom (Nanc) ():-)

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<< Subj:	 [MOL] Hello all Molers
 Date:	6/11/99 5:56:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time
 From: (Christine White)
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 Just wanted to say hello and let you all know that I am thinking of you. I
 am still very busy with bookkeeping work, volunteer work, the kids, etc. Am
 still reading my mail (several days late) and hope to be more active
 shortly. I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.
 Christine >>
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