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[MOL] Dale Plumb, your in MOL album # 1.

Hi Dale,
I need your wife, and friends name's and your anniversary date.
You are on page 7 of the MOL album # 1, and also your names are on the 
birthday page.
Nanc ():-)

  Mol Chat Room;
  <A HREF="Molers chat room">http://paris.aeneas.net/molers/</A>opened from
  8-10PM EST Mon-Wed and Fri.

  MOL Angel Photo Album;
  <A HREF="Mol Album 1">http://www.angelfire.com/mi/molers/index.html</A>
  Photo pages of mol angels, birthday and anniversary pages,
  dedication pages, etc.

  Mol Album # 2;
  <A HREF="Mol">http://www.angelfire.com/sc/molangels/index.html</A>Part 2 
  Cancer News, Cancer Centers has good information.
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