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Re: [MOL] Hi there

Hi Gwen: Glad that you settled on a treatment plan and a facility that
you trust, that is so important. 
One of the drugs that I received was Adriamycin, believe me when they
told you that you would lose your hair in 15 days they weren't kidding!
I totally lost mine by the 15th day. When your head starts to itch,
that's the first sign that it's about ready to come out. As for the wig,
I find the wig uncomfortable if I wear it for more than a few hours at a
time. If you get a well fitting wig that is light weight you shouldn't
have any trouble keeping it on. I got 2 wigs so I could change off.
Also, take your wig to your hairdresser to get it shaped. At first I was
a bit self conscience about being bald and wearing a wig. Now I could
care less! I also wear hats and scarfs. Finally my hair is growing back
in and I can't wait until I  totally stop wearing the wigs.
My prayers are with you. God Bless

> Gwen Kouts wrote:
> I only received nine emails today... am wondering if something is
> wrong with the Mol forum?
> Haven't posted for quite a while, just want to let you know what is
> going on. I sought three opinions on breast cancer treatment, after
> already having had the surgery (tumor removed) and lymph nodes
> removed.  Tumor was Ductal Carcinoma Infiltrating and lymph nodes were
> clean. Tumor was 2.5 cm which requires chemo, and radiation/ or
> mastectomies because of LCIS condition. Settled on Doctors in
> Columbus, part of the Arthur James Cancer Hospital - they seem on the
> ball, and get things done.  Have had a lot of tests, one of which
> showed a lump in left. breast - had a biopsy of that this past
> Tuesday.  Should get results tomorrow. What a roller coaster ride it
> has been since Barb (my sister) died May 18th, then the two surgeries,
> and now who knows?
> Went back to work a couple of days ago, just because... told my boss
> it is day to day.  With the chemo, which might start next week,
> Adriamycin  and C...........whatever, they said all my hair will fall
> out within 15 days.  Sounds like fun.  I already bought a wig but am
> worried about it staying on my head!  Any experience about wigs?
> Julie and Greg's divorce is under way.  She is church going, and very
> dedicated to the Lord, home, and family, but meanwhile, at 37, he
> decided he needs his freedom.  I hope to be able to come up with the
> money to buy Greg out on that house over there, but I don't know for
> sure.  I would like for her to be able to stay in the house, it needs
> a lot of work, but it is basically a nice sound house, and she needs a
> place for her and the kids.  She is working with the Burea of
> Rehabilitation because of her hearing problem, they are supposed to be
> helping her, but I am not sure how.  I think she will be getting
> hearing aid for both ears, and glasses. Supposedly training, but not
> sure.  Bob and I have been helping all we can, and the court finally
> after four months, made him start giving her a little money.
> Have been reading all postings, and feel so much love in the forum.
> Hope you all are doing well, and have a great Friday and weekend!
> Frank, enjoy the nice weather with your family!  Marti and Lillian,
> and all others, I so appreciate all the postings you take the time to
> put on the forum.
> Love, Gwen K.
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