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[MOL] Debby-good point

Debby, I think you make an *excellent* point...no one who comes on this
forum owes any of us anything. Those who find us are often terrified, 
desperate, and in great pain. Anger and lashing out is a common
reaction, (even with basically nice people) because as we all know,
things feel so out of control when you hear  the word "cancer." Even a
loving pet will bite and snarl when hurt.

I've worked with a number of cancer professionals who take the brunt of
tremendous misdirected anger as part of their job. They have had to
learn to see behind the rage, and perhaps we Molers can try to do the
same, rather than take it personally. After all -- we consider ourselves
the group that understands these things, right? Perhaps if we see it as
part of the disease, rather than something directed at us personally...
It can be hard to take, it's true, but it's one more gift we can offer
those who come to us in need. Even if some of them are genuinely
mean-spirited, what is to be lost by our refusal to respond in kind,
which only escalates the ugliness? 

Thanks so much for your perceptive thoughts on this. Love, Joicy
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