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Re: [MOL] wigs

Martha, I am with you -- wigs are definitely NOT for everyone! Not only
did I hate the way they felt, but it made me frustrated that guys can
can go bald and no one thinks twice, but let a woman do it, and they are
strange! So, though I did buy I a wig, I never wore it even once! My son
wore it to school once to win a bet, and male friends who came to visit
liked to clown around in it, but all it was ever used for was comic
relief, LOL!

I ended up opting for hats -- it's amazing how many cute (and cheap)
ones are available. I chose not to worry about hiding my baldness, but
to accessorize it with earrings. (Only wish I had thought to get some of
those cute temporary tatoos!) I also used scarves sometimes, but hats
were easier to slip on and off, and lots of times I just went bald
(pre-Demi Moore). I did this at work, too, and received nothing but
support. My hope was that others might feel more comfortable making
their own choices about what to wear or not wear. After all, much of it
comes down to what we're familiar with.

So, friends facing baldness -- experiement and do what works for you!
Love, Joicy

martha cerreto wrote:
> Hi Gwen,
> I think you brought up this subject.  I found wearing wigs, really lousy.  I
> had the same worry you do, i.e., about it staying on.  For one thing,
> although not stuck up, I have a big head, so a lot of the wigs I tried
> didn't fit me.  Some people gave me, like a skull cap to put under the wig;
> then I was supposed to bobby pin the cap and the wig together.  This didn't
> work too well; the skull cap didn't fit.  At a more professional place, I
> got double sided tape for the front and back, but even once I had a wig that
> fit me, this still didn't feel too secure.
> What a relief it was when I felt that I had enough hair to go au natural.
> What I think I would do now, if I had to do it again was wear hats and nice
> kerchiefs.  That way, I think, you can even make a nice fashion statement
> with a bald head! (Even baseball caps!)
> Of course, sometimes your lifestyle, work, may not allow for this.
> Well, I yield the floor to those who probably know more than I.  I was never
> much of a hair stylist.
> Love and Hugs,
> Martha
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