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[MOL] wigs

Hi Gwen,

I think you brought up this subject.  I found wearing wigs, really lousy.  I
had the same worry you do, i.e., about it staying on.  For one thing,
although not stuck up, I have a big head, so a lot of the wigs I tried
didn't fit me.  Some people gave me, like a skull cap to put under the wig;
then I was supposed to bobby pin the cap and the wig together.  This didn't
work too well; the skull cap didn't fit.  At a more professional place, I
got double sided tape for the front and back, but even once I had a wig that
fit me, this still didn't feel too secure.

What a relief it was when I felt that I had enough hair to go au natural.
What I think I would do now, if I had to do it again was wear hats and nice
kerchiefs.  That way, I think, you can even make a nice fashion statement
with a bald head! (Even baseball caps!)

Of course, sometimes your lifestyle, work, may not allow for this.

Well, I yield the floor to those who probably know more than I.  I was never
much of a hair stylist.

Love and Hugs,


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