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[MOL] Gwen

Gwen, I did a little of everything and anything, including bookkeeping
and graphic arts -- and without a computer in those days! The cool thing
is that if your daughter has access to a computer, she may be able to
"telecommute" or do different work at home. For example, I have a couple
of friends who transcribe court proceedings at home, and one who does
lots of clerical stuff at home. One of my friends left a different job
to do this when she adopted 2 little girls from Russia and wanted to be
home with them. Other friends have done day-care for friends' kids. It
takes a little creativity and resourcefulness, but it can be done. If I
think of/hear of anything else, I will let you know. Love, Joicy

Gwen Kouts wrote:
> Thanks for your nice letter, Joicy. I will print it off for Julie.  If I
> might ask, what kind of work did you do out of the home?  It sure would be
> nice if Julie could figure something out where she could stay and home and
> still make money, at least until her 2 year old goes to school. The others
> are 7 and 13, so that is not so bad.  However, she doesn't really have a lot
> of skills outside the home.  Love and Prayers, Gwen K.
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