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Re: [MOL] Cori

Gwen, there are many of us who have made it through divorce with small
children, and I hope it does encourage you and your family to know that.
None of us would choose it, but it happens. My kids were 1 1/2, and 3
1/2 when I went through my divorce. They just turned 20 and 22 this
week, and both are in college and making me very proud. I was a single
parent for 13 years before I finally found and married my 'Mr.
Wonderful' -- we will be married 6 years on the 26th. I worked at home
during the early years so that I could be with them, and we had our
share of challenges, but God has been very, very good. My prayers will
be with you all. Love, Joicy

Gwen Kouts wrote:
> I am sorry, I thought your cat scan was today.. That's okay, though,
> we will have more time to pray about it before you go! Thanks for the
> nice letter. I am going to print it and let my daughter read it, 
> certainly it helps to see others have been through divorce and made it
> with small children!  I am hoping to be able to help her stay in the
> house, but if we can't arrange that thru the attorneys, then she knows
> they have a home here, and we have the most important thing - love,
> faith, and strong family ties.  So, everyone will make it through.
> Still haven't got my biopsy report back  - I guess now it will be next
> week.   Take Care... Love, Gwen K.

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