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I am sorry, I thought your cat scan was today.. That's okay, though, we will have more time to pray about it before you go! Thanks for the nice letter. I am going to print it and let my daughter read it,  certainly it helps to see others have been through divorce and made it with small children!  I am hoping to be able to help her stay in the house, but if we can't arrange that thru the attorneys, then she knows they have a home here, and we have the most important thing - love, faith, and strong family ties.  So, everyone will make it through. Still haven't got my biopsy report back  - I guess now it will be next week.   Take Care... Love, Gwen K.
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Date: Friday, June 11, 1999 6:10 AM
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Dear Gwen - another early-riser !! I did receive your earlier email just a few mins ago - I signed off early yesterday.  Though I too have been getting far less mail due to the reasons Frank mentioned to you probably (did you get that one from Frank ??) there were certainly more than 9 messages.  Wendy wrote saying her Dad was not at all well, going downhill really fast...but other than that most were requesting info about luprin, scleroderma, thalidomide, etc etc....
I'm sorry things are so tough lately.  I myself have not had chemo so cannot offer any valuable advice in this area ...but I'm sure others can.  I just want you to remember we're all there for you and trust and pray that things will get easier for you and your daughter.  Divorce is not easy and it's an uphill journey also...I myself have been there, with 3 young children and a very non-supportive husband.....but 10 years later he's really involved in the boys' lives and does help financially and we're good friends.  He's provided much support in many ways these past years since I was d'x'd particularly.  I hope things work out for the best - it is really important everyone keep focused on what is the best interest of the children.  It would be wonderful if you could help with lessening the upheaval and they could stay in their home.  I know staying in the area and going to the same schools and playing in the same sports' leagues helped my children adjust.  It's toughest on them, at a time when the adults around them are least able to provide for them emotionally.  To this day I look back on those times and I still feel I was more wrapped up in my own emotional pain than in theirs - and for that I feel very guilty to this day. I really did not appreciate at the time just how dirupting and shattering it was to them...I've learnt much over these past years and had to face my own shortcomings.  Had I known then what I know now, my focus would have been very different.  Although they did fare OK because they continued with their same friends etc...and to them, you know how important that is - their peers "rule"....
Anyway Gwen, good luck with your tests and hope you continue to get good help with your oncologists and medical team. That is so important I think.  I keep praying for you and hope you stay well.....My next CT scan is next Friday....pls say an extra little prayer for me too !!  Love. Cori.

Gwen Kouts wrote:

 Hi everyone, I just figured out at 5:00 am this morning that I have been kicked off the Mol Forum email list.  So if anyone sent me any messages for the past 30 hours or so, please resend.  I don't know how this happens, second time to happen to me.  Thank you!Have a wonderful Friday!Love, Gwen K.