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Re: [MOL] disgusting

Dear Friend,

What kind of information are you seeking, and perhaps we can help? We
are not doctors, but all of us here have been touched by cancer in some
way. I myself am a breast cancer survivor -- others are cancerers,
care-givers, or have a loved one with cancer. 

This particular forum serves many purposes. It is a place to exchange
information, a place to vent and share our fears and hurt with others
who understand, and a place to find encouragement. And yes, we do share
humor, because it not only helps us to release the stress that can be
deadly, but is part of how some of us cope with this horrid disease.
Kind of the way the M.A.S.H. unit used humor to deal with the horrors of
war. We're fighting a war, too, and sometimes we need to take our minds
off of it, or need some cheering up. Laughter *does* heal...

>From your letter, you sound very scared (we've all been there) and
upset. This really is a caring bunch of people -- sure, we all have our
quirks, like any other community -- but you'll never find a group with
bigger hearts. Some of our members, like Lillian, spend hours
researching to help folks like yourself. So let us know what you need.
If we can help, we will. In the meantime, you are in my prayers. Your
friend, Joicy

JAnde87592@AOL.COM wrote:
> You should be ashamed of yourselves.  I am trying to find some good
> information about the treatment of cancer and your website is all jokes!
> Don't you have any feelings at all!!
> \
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