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[MOL] Ask nicely for help to be removed......

In a message dated 6/11/99 5:09:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time, mcjjtm@bbtel.com 

Hello Smart Butt,
Guess what???  I don't care if you get tons of e-mail.  With an attitude like 
yours you'll be lucky to get any help getting removed.  You don't get into 
this forum without signing yourself on, you figured out how to do that, 
aren't you smart enough to read the instructions to remove yourself, we can't 
do it for you.
Now, if you would like to ask nicely, I'd be more then happy to help you.  
One more thing, I sure hope no one in your family ever gets cancer, if it is 
up to you to give them any support, they would be in deep doo doo, cause you 
must not have a very caring heart.
I will pray for you, you are a lost soul.
Just ask nicely,
Nanc ():-)

 Please remove my e-mail address from you mailing list!!!!!!!!I don't care 
who has cancer and who doesn"t

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