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Hi Cory!!!
I'm so glad to hear from you!!  You, too, have been on my mind a lot lately!!  I signed off shortly after you returned from your last treatment, and it wasn't too clear how you're doing.  Please give me an update when you can, or call me whenever or if ever you feel like it. (770-720-0533) Or if you ever get up to the Woodstock Home Depot @ exit 4 off 575 - I'm usually there - in outside garden.
I thought of you a great deal while at Emory...just in case your treatments aren't going as you like, they do have ongoing clinical trials there.
Our preliminary drawings on the house should be back from the engineers next week, so we're very excited!!  Davis is meeting the surveyor out there this evening, and we'll start digging the basement & foundations in the next couple of weeks.  I can't wait!!!  Will keep you posted.
Much love!
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Dear Laurie:
It sure is nice to hear from you after so long, but I understand how busy you are...glad your Dad is having a good experience at Emory - tell him to keep well.  How's the house in Allatoona coming ?  Stay in touch with a few lines when you have a moment - I think of you often.  Love. Cori. wrote:

 Hello Lillian & All!!Thanks so much for thinking of us.  We're doing fine.  I had to unsubscribe to MOL due to going full time at work...I have VERY little time on my computer now.  Evenings are filled with my little ones, the daily chores, and if I'm lucky, a rather big garden.Pop's doing well.  He's a patient at Emory Univ. Hosp. under the care of a Dr. Fanucci.  We all went to his 1st meeting with the Dr. & his chief nurse there & they seem to have a great facility & program.  We mentioned to them the Staten Island option and they basically snubbed the idea.  Said that there's no backing of their research by the major Cancer Foundations / Societies, and little evidence that it has been substantiated by anyone besides themselves...  Still, I think they can help many!!!!!!  Since Pop already had his radiation, they felt Chemo was still in order to get any "stray seeds" that may have gotten loose.  The following week he had a Brain Scan, MRI, and Bone Scan.  They found no other cancer.  YEAH!!!  That's 6 months w/ no mets.  Thank you Lord!  So, he agreed to do the Chemo & started the following week.  He didn't qualify for their clinical trial due to only one location of the cancer (no mets), but we were grateful for that too.  They gave Taxol & Carboplatin, and he's done exceptionally well!  Only nauseated one time (during the first drip) and only flu-like symptoms on day 4 following.  His hair started to loosen so he shaved his head and bought a couple of hats.  Yesterday was his 2nd treatment, and so far so good!  They said if he hasn't had many problems so far, he should be good to go.  Looks like he's going to have only 4 treatments - 21 days apart.  He gets a CT scan next week to see if enough scar tissue is gone to see the original tumor site.  They haven't been able to get a visual of it since the radiation left all that scar tissue.Anyway, hope this gives hope to anyone facing Chemo.  Like dear Kathy C. told me from the get-go, everyone responds differently, and there are lots of ways to deal with & get through it!! My love to you all!Laurie