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Hi Dale,
Glad to see a new face, if you have a pic, send it to me for the album, have 
you had a chance or did anyone give you the MOL Album addresses?  You will 
see some of the faces that you have been writing to, like Frank, Lil, Cori, 
mine etc.  Let us know where you are from, we are from N. Muskegon, Michigan, 
the west side of the state and about 3 miles from the shores of Lake Michigan 
and 1/2 mile from Muskegon Lake. There are also links from the albums to help 
with cancer research.  
Here are the addresses;

Mol Chat Room;
<A HREF="Molers chat room">http://paris.aeneas.net/molers/</A>opened from
8-10PM EST Mon-Wed and Fri.

MOL Angel Photo Album;
<A HREF="Mol Album 1">http://www.angelfire.com/mi/molers/index.html</A>
Photo's  of mol angels, birthday and anniversary pages,
dedication pages, etc.

Mol Album # 2;
2 section
CancerNews, Cancer Centers has good information.
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