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[MOL] Insurance company from He**

That felt good. Went to the therapist today to figure out what to do now
that the insurance company has declared me cured because I have had 20
visits. Bet you didn't know that everyone is cured at the 20th visit.
Well I have two choices: pay him $75.00 per 45 minute session, or fight
the insurance company. I say fight fight fight. So home I come with card
in hand, (insurance card with all the phone numbers and member numbers),
ready to dazzle him with facts. After being passed around over the phone
like you know what, I find out that my doctor, the therapist, has to
advocate for me. I am not allowed to tell them the I am not cured. I
feel so helpless, I don't like to have to depend on other people. what
gives them the right to treat me like a nonentity? So now more days will
come and go and I still won't know where I stand. Asked the lady how I
will know if I am granted more treatments or not and she said that he,
the therapist will call me. Guess I will begin calling her tomorrow
afternoon to see if he has even called yet. I realize that I am not his
only Patient, but I still have panic attacks. Well I am done venting.
Thank you for being there,  Well maybe there is some more..
Am beginning to get stressed about my doctors appointment with the
radiologist next Thursday, it is the 30 day follow up. If any one can
think of any questions that I should ask please let me know. Also my
father and his other are heading this way next week on their way from
Fl. to Mi. Lucky me.
Sorry about the length of this.
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