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[MOL] to Bernice

Bernice -
I'm so sorry about your daughter.
It is not unusual to have a stroke follow a severe headache that won't go away. That type of headache is sometimes a signal of an impending stroke.

No one can know your pain, or relieve it. But I will tell you something that helped me when I lost my young son. It may be hard to believe it right now, but hold to the thought that time will make it better. You will always miss her, but the memories will become easier, lingering on the bright parts you shared, and less on the painful times.

Someone told me this after I lost my son (someone who had been through the loss of a child), so I could trust he knew what he was talking about.  It allowed me to bear the pain, knowing it was not to be forever.

When the pain does start to leave, allow yourself to let it go. It's ok, and she would want you to be happy, as you would want for her if you had gone before her.

Love - Sharon

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 I would like to know what caused a major stroke in my daughter that had luekemia?She was having severe headaches. The doctor said she didn't know what was causing the headaches. My daughter had headaches for 16 days before the stroke.I have been trying to get answers as to what caused the stroke in an 18yr. old girl.After the major stroke they said if she came out of remission she wouldn't be ableto get any chemo. Then about a two weeks or so later my daughter relapsed. Thena week later she died. Won't you please help me. All i need is some answers.                                                Thank you very much                                                    Berneice