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[MOL] Ponder Whether YOu ARe Under Toxic Stress and then read

Good Morning All,

When I read articles like this, I can't help urge you to think about the
toxic stress you may be under for a number of reasons and ask yourself
what led up to your diagnosis, say one year prior and many or most may
say "toxic stress". So,please read the following about Breast cancer.
There are ways to overcome toxic stress and would be more than happy to
discuss. More and more women in the workplace and with professions and
jobs that have become very stressful. More and more women are smoking
while entering into the work place. These situations become stressful
and consequently some major conditions occur. Pls read the following.

Breast Cancer Risk Higher Among Some Occupations

WESTPORT, Jun 02 (Reuters Health) - Certain occupations are
associated with a significantly higher risk of breast cancer,
according to a report in the June issue of the American Journal
of Public Health, the journal of the American Public Health
Association.  Drs.  Marina Pollan, with the National Centre for
Epidemiology in Madrid, Spain, and Per Gustavsson with Karolinska
Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, estimated the risk of breast
cancer among 1,101,669 Swedish women followed from 1971 to 1989,
analyzing them by occupational classification and geographical


God Bless You All,
marty auslander
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