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[MOL] *** Study: Clot drugs help blood flow

Good Morning My Friends and Relatives.

Found this article to be very interesting. At some point in our lives we
tend to either experience or be concerned about health issues and the
leading major concern is heart disease. I am sending this to you for
your perusal and information as this new "aspirin type" may be conducive
to your progress if you are experiencing heart concerns or to keep in
the back of your mind, if you may be concerned about heart issues. At
least, I hope it is informative.

DALLAS (AP) - A new regimen for treating heart attacks could save
thousands of patients who aren't helped by current clot-busting
therapy and could eliminate the need for some angioplasty or bypass
surgery, a new study shows. Doctors added a "super-aspirin" called
abciximab, or Reopro, to a standard clot buster, altepase, also known
as Activase. They found it restored normal blood flow in the hearts
of more than three-quarters of heart attack victims. The
international study was published in Tuesday's edition of
Circulation, a journal of the American Heart Association. See

God Bless All,
marty auslander

P. S. Shelly K. For your Dads nformation. Our best to Morris and Bea.
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