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Hi Everybody,
I have forwared this message by the Knights of
Columbus inviting cancer patients & caregivers to
submit name/names for prayer during a special Cancer
mass in Sarasota, FLA.  I hope I haven't offended
Note: forwarded message attached.

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<P>Dear PAT,</P>

<P>First, I would like to thank you for participating in the Special Mass for the Cancer Affected that was sponsored by "Our Lady of Victory" Council of the Knights of Columbus in Sarasota on the 28th of April.  It was a success!  I encourage you to see the pictures and the report at http://www.sarasota-kofc.org/cancermass/previousmass.htm.  From there you can also link to "THE FLORIDA CATHOLIC" coverage of the event as well as to information pertaining to the NEXT SPECIAL MASS FOR THE CANCER AFFECTED.</P>

<P>Second, I cordially invite you to participate in the NEXT SPECIAL MASS FOR THE CANCER AFFECTED which will take place on Thursday, June 10th at 7:00 p.m. in Sarasota's St. Martha Catholic Church by again re-entering your petition(s) or submitting a new one.  Simply "click" on the following link:</P>

<CENTER><H2><A HREF="http://www.sarasota-kofc.org/cancermass/perspetcontrol.cfm?Email=MARDI_49@YAHOO.COM">PERSONAL PETITION CONTROL SHEET</A></H2></CENTER>

<P>Whether you re-enter your petition or submit a new one, we ask you to please pass our web address to other persons who you think might be interested in submitting a prayer petition or participating in this NEXT SPECIAL MASS FOR THE CANCER AFFECTED: http://www.sarasota-kofc.org</P>

<P>Thank you for your participation!</P>

<P>C. Patrick Macaulay<BR>
Council 3358 Church Director &<BR>
Webmaster of sarasota-kofc.org</P>

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