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Title: RE: [MOL] Re: From Auntie Nanc....
Dear PJ,
I didn't know you were expecting!  I hope you are taking good care of yourself; you always do so much.  I can promise at least occasional baby sitting!
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Hi, PJ:  My oldest daughter went to Montessori school.  It was wonderful.  My youngest didn't, but she's very smart!  LOL  My mother taught me to read before I even went to kindergarten.  Then, I taught the other kids.  That's the way to do it!  LOL  Have a fabulous trip!  Love, Kathy

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Hi Nanc.
I appreciate your letting me know it came out ok.
Everytime I leave for Florida it's like the 1st time. I pack, then unpack,
pack, unpack, then I shop for stuff I don't even need before I even get on
the plane.  I have a HUGE suitcase of clothes, toys and shoes then I have a
winnie the pooh suitcase for my son that comes ont he plan with goodies. I
love buying him surpirse toys for when we get on the plane so he isn't bored.
  In fact, after I finish this I'm going to the book store and buying some
bookds for him.

The only thing I'm concerned about is my nausea I just plan on bringing
plenty of snacks (crackers and other things) to keep me from barfing.  I'm
also so tired all the time. I hope this isn't twins in  my belly. If so all
the molers need to make up a babysitting schedule so everyone takes turns ha
ha ha haha.

At least the good thing is today turned out real well for us....we found a
great school for my son to go to in September (pre-k thru k)'s
Montessouri teaching and they are wonderful.  I don't know if you guys have
that where you are but Montessouri schools are the best.....expensive but
well worth it.
My son is only 3 + 10 months but he reads and writes like a 6-8 yr old. We
had such a hard time finding a school that can deal with highly intelligent
children. We didnt' want him to go to a school (pre-k) where they would be
coloring all day. He has done that and hated every minute.  I had to take him
out only after a few weeks and I lost my whole tuition costs.  Thank God we
found a wonderful school where he will learn learn learn. He loves to read,
counts to 1000 and loves to just be with other kids who are smart like him.
This school also has a great place to play and they all seem really super
nice people. No phonies just honestly good teachers who want to see children
exceed and use their potential of learning to the utmost.

We visited another private school the other day that was a horror story. The
kids were behaving like animals, screaming, demanding to play not learn.. And
the cost was 9,000 a year. Yep you read it right.  So you see my friends I
need to find a job when this little baby inside of me decides to come. Any
offers????? ha ha .
I know what some people think is that at this age they want to play but with
children who's IQ are so high they want to learn and we as parents must feed
them the learning. My son plays all day and even when he learns. Infact he
says that learning is playing. 

I'm trying to remember what I did with him while I was pregnant so the new
baby comes out smart. Only kidding.

Oh gosh it's 6:00 let me run and get some shopping in.  Love you all. Your
support is what makes me who I am.

Thanks again for all your support and wishes.
PJ (a.k.a. Paula)
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