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Re: [MOL] Paula Middleton/Wrong it is Bens Birthday

Hi all you MOLs,
Sorry Kathy, you got this one wrong.  It's Bens Birthday on the 6th of 
I would like to correct this Birthday thing.  It is not Paula, her name is 
Pam, It is NOT her Birthday, it is her Fathers Birthday, Ben Middleton, and 
he has a special page in the MOL Album 1, go and see it at;
MOL Angel Photo Album; 
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)
In a message dated 6/4/99 9:55:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 

<< Here's wishing you a very happy birthday, Paula.
 Debby in New Jersey
 > wrote:
 > Sunday is Paula's birthday.  Happy birthday, Paula!  Kathy in Boise >>
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