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[MOL] Car accident / Miracle!

My father had a car accident this morning and totalled his car!  He usually 
walks to breakfast (1 block from his home) and returns from 7:30-8:30 AM.  I 
happened to be thinking of him at that time this morning becuase the weather 
was perfect for a morning stroll...

I learned much later (1:30 PM from my son) that he decided to drive today!  
When returning he dropped Virginia off in the alley to park the car in their 
driveway.  Because of her recent heart surgery and the weight of the door, 
she had to leave it open while he backed up.  The cuff on his pants leg 
caught onto the accelerator and he couldn't stop!!!!!!   Angels must have 
been guiding the car because he had to maneuver tightly abd quickly between 
two trees and two washposts and then veer sharply to the left to avoid 
hitting the back porch (where Virginia was standing).  Because Virginia's 
door was open, the passenger door was sheared off!!!!  But he missed the 
trees by inches!!!  But he did hit several large shrubs or small trees that 
border the neighbor's property.

My only concern is that he will not see the doctor; claims he's "just fine".  
I pray that this is so.

God bless to all and thanks to God,
Chris Rosati
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