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Re: [MOL] buy gemzar for pancreas cancer

Dear Rousong.

Gemzar or Gemcitibine is a prescribed drug, or chemotherapy drug and
according to the FDA Federal Drug Administration can't be sold without a
prescription or treated without a Licensed MDS expertise. That is in the
United States anyway. You may wish to try other countries such as Mexico
as they sell many medicines that may be considered without the necessity
of prescription. Just an opinion. Don't know for certain.

God Bless YOu
marty auslander

> rousong wrote:
> Dear gentleman/madam,
> One of my relatives is suffering pancreas cancer. He had an operation
> 10 days ago in Shanghai, China. His doctor suggested him to take
> gemzar(1.6g per day, 10 days, injection). But it is not been sold in
> China. We want to know where we can buy it, how much it is expensive
> and how to pay for the medicine. Thanks very much advanced for you
> tell me the information as soon as possible.
> Song Rou
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