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Re: [MOL] Miss PJ

Hi Joicy and PJ,
you said it like God was typing for you, PJ that's the best advice yet, just 
pay attention to our Joicy, isn't she a sweetheart, just like you, delicious, 
oops, I said it now I'm hungry....gotta go and get something to eat.  Love ya 
Love Hugs & Prayers to you and yours,
Nanc ():-)

In a message dated 5/31/99 9:16:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 

<< OK, PJ,  deeeeep breath, innnnn and ouuuuut...whew!
 First of all, you never bore us (we love you, remember?) You are going
 through a difficult time, but your worrying is not going to change a
 thing. Your mom is feeling pretty good, regardless of what is or isn't
 going on (good news), and YOU are carrying that new little darling that
 you wanted so bad! Is that great, or what? As for the other stuff? It
 falls under the category "UNKNOWN." Don't you hate that? But that's the
 way it is -- God's in charge and he's saying "chill." You know how much
 you love that sweet little munchkin who reminds you about your pills?
 Well, God loves your mom about a zillion times that. Amazing, hunh?
 Enjoy the time you have, be at peace. Someone who loves you and your mom
 is in control.
 Love you, and will miss you...give your mom a hug for me, Joicy
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