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[MOL] Miss PJ

OK, PJ,  deeeeep breath, innnnn and ouuuuut...whew!

First of all, you never bore us (we love you, remember?) You are going
through a difficult time, but your worrying is not going to change a
thing. Your mom is feeling pretty good, regardless of what is or isn't
going on (good news), and YOU are carrying that new little darling that
you wanted so bad! Is that great, or what? As for the other stuff? It
falls under the category "UNKNOWN." Don't you hate that? But that's the
way it is -- God's in charge and he's saying "chill." You know how much
you love that sweet little munchkin who reminds you about your pills?
Well, God loves your mom about a zillion times that. Amazing, hunh?
Enjoy the time you have, be at peace. Someone who loves you and your mom
is in control.

Love you, and will miss you...give your mom a hug for me, Joicy

PSerritell@AOL.COM wrote:
> Hi Molers
> Just filling you all in on things.
> Mom is feeling ok but bleeding alot. She called her GYN today (memorial day)
> and the dr. said staining is nothing to be concerned about because mom's pap
> smear and vaginal tests came back negative. They just don't understand why
> the bleeding hasn't stopped from the biopsy they took on 4/23 for the
> endiometriosis.
> They have mom on an antiobiotic (forgot name) that is 500mg. I  would think
> it's strong enough to knock this infection out right?
> On thrusday the ONC said mom can't have chemo until this isover with. But I'm
> upset still because she still feels it will be a very long time until they
> MAY give mom chemo again. I'm afraid the CEA will rise without the camptosar.
> Mom feels ok. Not tired, eats good, just very very stressed about the light
> staining.
> Some days it's white staining and ohters light pinkish.
> My aunt who is visiting with my mom says mom is nervous but looks better
> since they stopped the chemo.  Mom is still drnking the herbs vigorously.
> Mom's CEA wentup again to 43. Please God make it go down.
> As for me I'm feeling nausea all the time,sleep alot, and really really
> constipated all the time. This pregnancy it seems comes a bit different then
> the 1st.  I pray I don't get sick on the plane friday....I hope I remember
> some garbage bags just in case.
> I went to a site on the net that I can calculate my due date based on some
> facts and it says Jan 31, 2000. So that makes me about 5 weeks pregnant.
> My son keeps asking when the baby is coming....so cute to hear him ask all
> the time. He even gives me my vitamins in the morning....I don't remember if
> it wasn't for him reminding me.
> Today we are just chilling out. Me sleeping alot and I cooked hamburgers and
> hot dogs today. I had a slight craving for redonions on my hot dog so my
> sweet hubby bought me them oh and also rice pudding.
> Please someone send me a receipe fo rice pudding. I believe our sweet Greg
> had one of rice pudding but I don't remember where I put it........may he
> rest in peace.
> I miss him alot.
> Ok now enough of crying of that.
> I won't be able to communicate again with you. I have decided not to by a
> computer for mom's house becaues it's too much to handle while down there. I
> really wnat to spend all my time iwth her and she can see me and the baby. I
> want to shop with her and spend quality time. I can't go back down until
> August when my son's camp is over.
> Please have a wonderful day. Enjoy your families and God Bless.
> Hope I didn't bore you.
> Lovingly,
> PJ
> 143
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