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Hi Frank,
Gosh!  It really feels good to be missed, thank you dear friend.  My feet are 
doing much better, and I am staying as far away from that ice as I can.
I have been spending many hours doing web sites, just finished another today, 
finished my part on MOL Album yesterday, did you go and see what a great job 
Lil done?  I have 5 kids, and 12 grandkids, and i have spent most of the last 
three days with them up north in the woods where they are camped with their 
travel trailers, oh, yes, I spent alot of last week recovering 6 cushions for 
my youngest daughters trailer plus curtians for 10 windows, and a closet 
curtian that all coordinate.  Sure did wonders for the looks of the old 
trailer.  I'm going out side to power wash some more of the house and decks, 
already hung out two loads of laundry, need to wash my car too, after all 
those dusty roads up north.  I guess this pretty much updates what I have 
been up too.  You stay well you hear, you have to make a trip to Michigan, 
and stay with the Postemas, OK?  Mol is sure slow today, must be everyone is 
doing family things.  It will be back to normal tomorrow.
Here's the web site I just done today, check it out and let me know what you 
think.  This one was done for our MOL Sandi.
Love ya,
Have fun cutting your grass, just done mine two days ago, now it is supposed 
to rain for three days so I'll be doing it again too, after the rain.

In a message dated 5/31/99 2:11:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, fmc@ndak.net 

 Hi Nanc,I haven,t heard from you in a long time.Nothing much going on,just
 messing with the computer while my wife watches her Soaps.We had a lot of
 rain,two nights ago,so it looks like I will have to mow it again tomorrow.I
 went to the Veterans Hospitol last week,but they couldn,t give me the
 test,because I needed to be cleaner.So they plan to reschedule it sometime
 in July I think.I probably will cancel it because I had one about two years
 ago,and I was completely clean then.The doctor said usually if you are
 ok,you need a follow-up every five years.
 If my daughter Janie has one child,that will make a total of four Grand
 children.I,m getting up there,I really feel blessed to see all these
 children,including my own.I was just surprised that they are having children
 so soon.I know that they wanted to move to Seattle,but it looks like it
 might be for awhile.
 I hope that your feet are ok.I have been thanking of you,hope all is
 well.Love Frank >>
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