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Dear Charlene,

Hope you don't mind my interjecting. I am not a Doctor or medical
professional. But may I suggest this. Gather up all medical records
previous and present and log them or categorize each by lab tests,
radiology tests, pathology tests and keep for yourself copies of those
records and make additional records to seek 2nd and 3rd opinions. this
is a natural and typical step when there is some misunderstanding or
uncertainties with medical team. The way we seek 2nd opinions is by
calling the National Cancer Institute at 1-800-4cancer.

Good luck and God speed. Pls continue to communicate with us as there
will many more to respond to you.

God Bless All,
marty auslander

> Charlene wrote:
> I would like to know what caused a major stroke in my daughter that
> had luekemia?
> She was having severe headaches. The doctor said she didn't know what
> was causing the headaches. My daughter had headaches for 16 days
> before the stroke.d
> I have been trying to get answers as to what caused the stroke in an
> 18yr. old girl.
> After the major stroke they said if she came out of remission she
> wouldn't be able
> to get any chemo. Then about a two weeks or so later my daughter
> relapsed. Then
> a week later she died. Won't you please help me. All i need is some
> answers.
>                                                 Thank you very much
>                                                     Berneice
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