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Dear Bernice:  I only wish I could help you, to take your hand and tell you everything will be all right.  Its not possible and I am so sorry for your grave loss.All your daughters medical records are yours, if you don't have them, get them.  You want to see all reports.  Now the doctor or the hospital may charge you a small fee for them; but get them and this is where you will discover the secret of why a stroke.  We are not in the medical profession; so it would only be guessing on our part.  Please know that we are keeping you in our prayers and if we may be of further help in any way, that we are here for you.  Your friend, lillian
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Date: Sunday, May 30, 1999 7:40 PM
Subject: [MOL] AML

I would like to know what caused a major stroke in my daughter that had luekemia?
She was having severe headaches. The doctor said she didn't know what was causing the headaches. My daughter had headaches for 16 days before the stroke.
I have been trying to get answers as to what caused the stroke in an 18yr. old girl.
After the major stroke they said if she came out of remission she wouldn't be able
to get any chemo. Then about a two weeks or so later my daughter relapsed. Then
a week later she died. Won't you please help me. All i need is some answers.
                                                Thank you very much