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Hi Sis,
Couldn't resist, after all your hard work, and all our double and triple 
checking you go and blow it on your announcement, TO ALL MILERS ANNOUNCEMENT. 
I have to admit, our Lil is a stuborn cookie, a hard worker, and messed up 
and gave me hours of repairing, but along with all of that, we learned more 
about each other and how to act and react like real sisters, but through all 
our togetherness, we remain MOL Sisters, and still Love and respect each 
other.  Now Let's hear it for our Lil, didn't she do a terrific job??????  
Sis, your site address doesn't work to just click on it, I fixed it and 
resent to the MOLs.  I thought I might get away with fixing one more 
thing...LOL  I really enjoyed our over all experience, thanks for being you.  
You are very special to me.  Notice Sis,  the button is fixed on my site to 
go to your site too....I hope I didn't teach you so well that you won't need 
me anymore, boo hoo, I think your really good, so I am a little scared.  If 
you ever get stuck, I'll be here for you, OK?  You ole' pro.....
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)

In a message dated 5/30/99 8:02:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 

 Date:	5/30/99 8:02:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time
 From: (Lillian)
 To: (mol-)
 Well friends, I did it and I believe Nancy is still alive from this 
experience.  It is a good thing we don't live too near each other or she may 
have chased me with a broom a couple of times!
 Just the same we weathered through it and are pleased to announce that PART 
2 of YOUR MOL Album is up and running hopefully for your enjoyment.  Please 
advise me if there are changes to be made.  I would also like some more 
suggestions as to what you may want to see on my 3 unfinished pages.  
Pictures are always nice; so send them on.  I promise to make you look 
beautiful!  Site address below, just click it on.  Your friend, lillian >>
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