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Re: [MOL] Re: statistics

Oh I'm good at this. Just give the out come and I will give you the
numbers. In other words numbers can come out any way you want them to.
Only god can tell you when your number is up, and he is not talking.
John Smith wrote:
> my oncologist , a very wise person, told me when I asked about
> statistics and probabilities, "One hundred per cent."
> I asked 100 per cent what?
> He said, "100 percent dead or 100 percent alive."
> don't sweat the small stuff, live 100 percent so you can get well.
> it's the best thing - better than any herb or vitamin - for your
> ijmune system.
> -still here. sharon
> Lillian wrote:
> >  I regret, no I am happy to tell you that we do not go into
> > statistics; as we have found that doctors who do this are so very
> > often wrong and this can deminish hope; which is one of our bodies
> > biggest fighting force.  I would suggest that you build your immune
> > system up and want you to know that they have come great strides
> > with the treatment of myloma.  If we can help you further, please
> > just ask.  I would like to welcome you to our wonder forum; which is
> > now your forum too.  Good luck, your friend, lillian
> >
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> >       what are the chances for recovery from multiple myloma in
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