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Re: [MOL] From Chris

Oh, Chris, what a difficult situation, and when you are trying so hard
to manage the juggling act! You must be very hurt and discouraged about
now. Sounds like your dad is feeling very frustrated and scared, and
trying to hang on to his independence. Combine that with the depression,
and his fear for Virginia's health, and you were a very convenient
punching bag. Men don't always handle their emotions very well,
especially when of a generation where their role was to be the strong
one and provider. I probably don't have to tell you that one of the
toughest aspects of what's going on is that the parents and children
start to reverse roles, and it is very hard on everyone. It's going to
require a great deal of patience and understanding on your part, at a
time when you feel stretched so thin.

Please don't take his harsh words to heart, my friend. these are not
normal circumstances. Give him a chance to cool down, and then approach
him again. I'm sure he doesn't want this rift between you any more than
you do. Perhaps you can reassure him that he's still in charge, that you
kids are just pitching in temporarily. Try to tune out the harsh words;
it's like the way a wounded animal will strike out even at it's master;
it's the pain, not you.
Love you, Joicy
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