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[MOL] From Chris

	Well here it is.  Virginia came home; still extremely weak.  Can't 
pick up even a 1/2 gal carton of milk.  
	I told her to remind my son on his next visit to cut the grass that 
he should also install their air conditioner.  My father exploded in a tirade 
of comments such as, "...I'm not an invalid...that's my responsibility, not 
yours..." then he mentioned a complaint my grandmother (who is dead 10 years) 
made to him about me implying that I was a slut when she lived with me 
(totally untrue)...and it ended by my sister slamming the door and shaking 
the wall, my father telling us to leave and NEVER COME BACK!  Virginia cried, 
asked me to please stay, to which I responded, "I can't; this isn't my 
house!"  Needless to say, I've been crying since then.  I am home - and 
disowned.  Virginia is going to leave to stay with a friend of hers during 
the remainder of her recooperation process; the doctor warned her, "...you 
must be careful. There is no such thing as a 2nd chance here!"

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