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[MOL] From Chris

I probably won't be avail for the next two weeks.  Have to work 1/2 days and 
stay at my Dad's to help Virginia (unless other plans are made in the 
meanwhile).  Looks like I'll be spending the whole holiday weekend there too. 
 Meantime, my son is tearing my house apart!  He has no concept of putting 
things where he found them or raiding personal areas looking for something he 
might need.  If he needs to hook-up his laptop to my printer (in my bedroom) 
he just does; ruined one of the few electircal outlets I have too and 
disconnected a wire (just hanging) that goes somewhere on my computer.

For the next two weeks I will be deleting all but the most urgent mail that I 
hope to find a few minutes to answer at work.

Pray for me!

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