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Robin, my name is Carla and I too am NSCL, adenocarcinoma.  I did not have
mets to the bone.  I was adenocarcinoma with  a 4.3cm tumor in my right
bronchus and pulmonary artery and one lymph node positive.  My right lung
was removed on November 3, 1997.  I am an 18 month cancering survivor.

Right now you are surely going through a stage of shock and at the same time
you are wanting action, because all of this in unbelieveable to you and you
are frightened.  We have all felt that way as we began on the cancering
journey.  I would recommend that you put together a small library of books,
the first on being by Greg Anderson, "50 Essential Things to Do When the
Diagnosis is Cancer".  This is easy to read and touches on all that you need
to be equipped with.  After your mom reads it, it is very important that all
of you read it.  Then you will all be on the same page and understand some
of the decisions and changes that will have to be made.

When cancer is first discovered, we are all rushed into a very fast pace
action.  Of course we agree to do that, as we all want to get to the place
where we get it out and can go back to being our normal selves.  As hard as
it is, you must slow down and take the time to assimilate a good medical
team from the beginning.  You will need a pulmonary doctor, a
hematologist/oncologist, a Thoracic surgeon.

You don't want to proceed with one treatment and then find out later that
you can't have another because of having the first.  You must become
educated in these early stages and then make treatment decisions with
knowledge.  In very few cases with an extra few weeks make a significant
difference in the disease, especially if it is one of the slow growing ones
so ask what type it is first.  Adenocarcinoma is slow growing, but I didn't
understand that I had time to do things differently.  I felt that everyday
was another day that I needed to hurry, so that I could get rid of it and it
would stop.

Greg is a two time lung cancer survivor and it is from reading him that I
learned to not only catch my breath, but also to become active in the
treatment process.  It was in this book that I first learned that the mind
would play a valuable role in the qualilty of of my life and to begin to
believe.  What we deal with in the conscious is often enough, but the real
danger lies in our sub-conscious.  Greg is the one who came up with
cancering survivor.  I have used that term ever since I first read his book.
Cancering is a verb, which indicates that we can do something and be active
in the treatment and cure and survivor to me, means that we are doing it...

Your mom will hear, read, and see looks on peoples faces that will take her
down and fill her with fear.  Those are the left overs that stay in our
sub-conscious and can wreak havoc with our wellness plan and journey.  I
have learned that the sub-conscious is only capable of holding one thought
and so I have let every doctor know that I choose for mine to be positive
and so must they work with that to be a part of my medical team.

I saw three surgeons and they all three had different thoughts and ideas and
the third one even had a different procedure.  It was surgeon #3 that I went
with.  I saw three oncologists and they all had very different attitudes and
approaches, the first two didn't want to do chemo after the surgery, but the
third one did.  I chose the third on, but didn't have chemo.  So be sure to
let your mom know that it is not only okay, but it is good to search until
she feels comfort in her choice of doctors and believes that they will work
to help her be a survivor.

Last, I just want to tell you that ultimately any and all decisions must be
your mother's.  This is a very hard thing for a loving family to accept,
especially when they disagree on treatment choices, etc.  You must know that
we all have a soul and our soul is very wise and intuitive to ourselves.
Your mom will find herself experiencing this as she becomes a cancering
survivor.  These active decisions must be hers and she must feel free and
supported to be able to make them and have good sub-conscious thoughts.

A loving, researching, supportive family can make a huge difference in
anyone's journey.  That is what it is Robin.  It is a journey, whereby
ultimately we all (cancer or not) know the destination is heaven and what we
do and how long we travel is the journey of life.  I pray for strength,
hope, courage, wisdom and most of all loving support for all of you as your
mom travels her journey of life.  Believe God for a miracle.

May God Bless you, Carla
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Subject: [MOL] Re: Non-small Cell Lung CA with bone metastises

>Our family has just learned that our mom has been preliminarily diagnosed
>with Lung CA.  We know it has spread to the bone but we are still not sure
>where else.  We have been given a very poor prognosis already before any
>treatment has begun.  We are ready to fight and we would appreciate any and
>all ideas you have heard out there even if they are "alternative" methods.
>We have heard of the "Hydrazine Sulfate" and "Shark cartilage enemas or
>drinks" does anyone have any real info on these and are they worth looking
>into. Thank you for any help you can give us.
>Optimistically, The Seidmans.
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