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Re: [MOL] Fw: Under His Wings

Hi Pam, 
I think you need to go and set your preferences, your mail is coming through 
like html language.
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)

In a message dated 5/28/99 12:48:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<<  [MOL] Fw: Under His Wings
 Date:	5/28/99 12:48:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time
 From: (Pauline Middleton)
 To:, CHirst1121@AOL.COM (Cheryl Hirst -)
 -----Original Message-----
 From: Pauline Middleton
 To: deerfork
 Date: Monday, May 24, 1999 8:04 PM
 Subject: Under His Wings
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     An article in National Geographic several
 +AD4APg- years ago provided a
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     penetrating picture of god's wings....
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     After a forest fire in Yellowstone
 +AD4APg- National park, forest Rangers
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-began
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     their trek up a mountain to assess the
 +AD4APg- inferno's damage.  One
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-Ranger
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     found a bird literally petrified in ashes,
 +AD4APg- perched statuesquely
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-on the
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     ground at the base of a tree.
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     Somewhat sickened by the eerie sight, he
 +AD4APg- knocked over the bird
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-with a
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     stick.  When he struck it, three tiny
 +AD4APg- chicks scurried from under
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-their
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     dead mother's wings.  The loving mother,
 +AD4APg- keenly aware of
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-impending
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     disaster, had carried her offspring to the
 +AD4APg- base of the tree and
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-had
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     gathered them under her wings,
 +AD4APg- instinctively knowing that the
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-toxic
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     smoke would rise.
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     She could have flown to safety but had
 +AD4APg- refused to abandon her
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-babies.
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     When the blaze had arrived and the heat
 +AD4APg- had scorched her small
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-body,
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     the mother had remained steadfast. 
 +AD4APg- Because she had been willing
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-to
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     die, those under the cover of her wings
 +AD4APg- would live.... +ACI-He will
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-cover
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     you with his feathers, and under his wings
 +AD4APg- you will find
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-refuse,....
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     (Psalm 91:4)
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     Being loved this much should make a
 +AD4APg- difference in your life.
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+-Remember
 +AD4APg- +AD4APgA+- +AD4-     the one who loves you and then, be
 +AD4APg- different because of it. >>
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