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Re: [MOL] Linda's Dad

Hi Joicy,
Please tell Linda and her family that I am so sorry to hear of their loss, 
and to let them know that they are all in my prayers.
Love Ya,

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<< Subj:	 [MOL] Linda's Dad
 Date:	5/28/99 9:40:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time
 From:	Joicy.Becker@PTSEM.EDU (Becker, Joicy)
 To: ('MOLers')
 It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that Linda's dad passed away
 this morning at 4:30 am. I just got off the phone with her sister Barbara.
 The blessing was that Linda flew down yesterday and was able to be with him;
 in fact the whole family was with him, holding his hand, sharing their love,
 as he died. Barbara shared that it was a very peaceful death, and he was
 ready and without fear. The family was ready as well, and they still feel
 that God gave them a "miracle" of that extra time. 
 From time to time he seemed to recognize other family members, like his
 mother, who had "gone before." We believe his mother was there to help see
 him home; he seemed to be in conversation with her and others at the end.
 The irony for me is that I met this wonderful family a number of years ago
 when I was asked to bury Barbara's husband, after he was killed in an auto
 accident. Barbara and I spoke this morning about how, as hard as it is,
 there is a gift in having time before a death to say good-bye, to share all
 the unspoken things, to clear up unfinished business. A reminder that, as
 Carla wrote, we only have "now."
 I will be doing the service next Wednesday up at Oxford (NJ), and ask that
 you just keep them all in your prayers. Love to each of you, Joicy >>
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