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Re: [MOL] Frank and whirlpools....

Hi Frank, 
I don't go camping like that anymore, I can't run from the bears anymore, so 
my way of camping is all the conveniences of home away from home, only this 
week end we'll be camping out at home, except going to the kids camp ground 
for a picnic one day over the weekend.
Love ya,
People have seen a black bear with her cub just last week 7 milles from here 
and across from my youngest daughters house.  I'm not to crazy about that.

In a message dated 5/27/99 6:06:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 

<< RE: [MOL] Frank and whirlpools....Well I,m disappointed.I thought you 
folks where going to carry backpacks,with your sleeping bags attached.And 
have a shovel for your toilet.Make pancakes and bacon for breakfast.Hike 
about ten miles into the woods,fight off bears and lions.Oh,well,it will be 
fun any ways..Love Frank
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