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Re: [MOL] Kathy no due date yet

Hi PJ,
I'm the one that gave a date of Feb 8th so that's what may have caused some 
to think that you had a due date, sorry everyone, you'll have to wait for PJ 
to announce that date.  PJ you know I'll always be praying for you and your 
Mother and the rest of your lovely family too.  You need to have good news 
for awhile so you can settle down a bit.  You take care now, OK?
Love ya,
Auntie Nanc
I'm happy you are waiting to see what you will have, I had all mine that way, 
of course I didn't have the option of knowing, but I wouldn't have wanted to 
know either.
Stay healthy.

In a message dated 5/27/99 6:39:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
PSerritell@AOL.COM writes:

<< Hi Kathy
 I don't think I mentioned a due date, infact I didn't. The only thing the 
 nurse said was sometime in February. I'm about 4 weeks prego. I didn't get a 
 full check up from my OB because she was real busy I just walked in and 
 for a pregnancy test. I have a FANTASTIC OB she delivered my son and stayed 
 with me from beginning to end. I had a C section and I would love another 
 one. I HATE pain. The epidural was my best friend.
 The only difference between my 1st pregnancy and this is I feel nausause 
 which I didn't feel with my son. but then again I didn't know I was pregnant 
 with my son until the beginning of the 3rd month.  I hear that sometimes 
 twins are in the picture for early sickness.
 143  >>
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