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[MOL] to Frank....from Nanc

Hi Frank,
It was so nice of you to write to me, thank you.  I have been sewing for a 
few days, recovered cushions for my daughters travel trailer, a total of 8, 
and then curtians for 10 windows and one doorway, I have to finish the 
doorway yet.  My feet are doing pretty good, and am able to be on my feet 
three house a day and increase the time about every three to four days if all 
is well.  Thanks for the timer offer, but I am not soaking in the icecubes 
anymore.  You probably were all coated inside with your chol  candy 
bars,,,LOL right?  I've been also working on the MOL 2 web site with Lil, she 
is doing a terrific job, I can hardly wait to have us open it to all of you 
to see her handy work, I know you'll all love it.  It won't be to much longer 
now.  I also have somemore business on the puter to do, make more business 
cards and I have to design another web site for someone else.  I am so happy 
that things are going well and you are sounding happy, that just warms my big 
ole' heart.  Now just stay that way.  I think you need to pray that God lets 
you stay long enough to meet me and some of the other MOLs, that should keep 
you around for a long time, right?
You take care and thanks again for your letter and your concern for me, that 
is so special.
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)

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 Hi Nanc,I got back tuesday from the VA Hospitol in Fargo.They could not give
 me the Colonoscopy because I was not clean enough.So they rescheduled me for
 sometime in June.This time I have to drink a whole gallon of liquid
 plummer.I also had a few other doctor appointments,plus the dentist.They
 filled one of my front teeth.It wasn,t to bad,but sticking that needle into
 my gums just under my nose didn,t feel that great.
 When we got home we got the good news.I am so excited for them and us.I
 remember the first time that I had cancer,I asked the good Lord to spare my
 life so that I could see my children grow up and have a family.I guess my
 prayer was answered.NOW WHAT?
 I was begining to worry about you Nanc,you where not on line.Is your foot
 okay,or do I need to be the clock watcher.Love Frank >>
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