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RE: [MOL] Chest Wall Syndrome

Title: RE: [MOL] Chest Wall Syndrome

Dear Joseph:  I had these identical symptoms, plus an irregular heart beat.  I had all the heart tests, etc. -- was put on medication, hospitalized -- you name it.  My lungs were "clear," and they could find nothing really wrong with my heart, except that it wouldn't beat right and my blood pressure would soar.  I am quite thin and I don't eat much salt.  I did, however, smoke at the time.  They advised me to quit, too, which I did.  The last time I was in the hospital with this stupid heart thing, they did a chest x-ray as a fluke.  They found a mass -- later dx as small cell lung cancer -- limited stage.  Have you had a chest x-ray?  It's amazing how out to lunch our medical providers can be sometimes!  Your friend, Kathy in Boise

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I was diagnosed with this condition twelve years ago. Since then it
comes and goes, and I can't seem to find any particular trigger. The
only advice I was given was to stop smoking (which I eventually did)
stop drinking caffeine (which I didn't) and stop stressing (which I
definitely didn't). I was given large doses if ibuprofen and used a
heating pad.
 This condition cam mimic some of the symptoms of a heart attack. I have
had my heart and lungs checked three times because of burning in the
right side of the chest and pain in my upper right arm and the sensation
of pressure in the chest.
 Unfortunately, I have not found any decent medical references to this
or any other way of dealing with it. If I find anything, I'll post it.
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