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Re: [MOL] pre sugercal assesment protcol?

Dear Lori and Tom...I don't know exactly what you are asking, but somehow I get the impression someone, maybe one of your parents is contemplating having a lung removed.  This is my very humble opinion, but I would certainly look the situation over very, very extensively and get lots of second opinions.  I have quite a lot of experience in this particular respect, as I've been dealing with the prospect of lung removal for the past 2 years myself and have done much research in that area.
I recently was potentially being considered a candidate for just such a surgery and the tests that they considered absolutely essential in order to evaluate eligibility were:
1. Mediastinoscopy - to check for lymph node involvement - incision through neck to trachea and sternum area.
2.  Pulmonary function test
3. Qunatitative profusion Scan
4.  Cardiac ejection fraction
5. Echocardiogram.

I am no doctor, so I certainly would not even attempt to offer any medical advice, nor am I in a position to fully describe what all the above tests entail....but I do know that those were the tests that they were going to run on me in order to evaluate the viability of performing a lung removal ......Hope this helps.  I would definitely do a lot of research on the subject and would certainly as many questions and get more than one opinion.  That's just my opinion....Good luck.  Cori.

Lori and Tom Anderson-Finwall wrote:

 Hi all, What kind of a pre sugerical assessment left lung removal does a 70 year old have to go though? So they check for Sleep apniea ( the stoping to breathing during sleep for short peroids of time)?Lori Anderson