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[MOL] Toronto Excitement Deb

Hi, Debbie, we are in Victoria, BC which is on the Pacific Ocean. Know
where Seattle is? Shares the rainy weather but hardly ever snows. We
just get moss between our toes. Maybe that is why I am addicted to
saunas! I was just in Toronto and enjoyed our stay even though it was in
February. James my husband (born in Victoria)has never lived through a
real Canadian winter so we walked a lot above ground. There actually
about 6 or so miles just one way of the city underground. When I lived
there I didn't surface sometimes for a week! He loved the cold winter
light. Only a painter would appreciate this one! Lil! God bless, Jeanne

deb grodin wrote:
> Dear Jeanne,
> They did some similar things here when they also passed a helmet law for
> children. Being a mean parent I laid down the law and stuck to it. I
> have a letter from my surgeon explaining the procedure she did just in
> case I get pulled over. Most of the police in my town know me and
> wouldn't give me ticket, I hope.
> Where in Canada are you? We have cousins in Toronto and are planning t
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