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RE: [MOL] Kathy !

Title: RE: [MOL] cantron
Dear Lil:  Hi, friend!  Actually, I'm doing just fine.  Life is good here and I'm enjoying it very much -- without the extraneous stress and conflict.  I'm feeling well, too, and work is frantic, so I'm keeping busy.  I am having fun -- doing the things I really enjoy after leaving them in the background for such a long time.  I'm very sad about Greg, but in a way I'm glad it's over for the poor boy.  I have a card here that he wrote me just over a week ago.  I'll treasure it forever.  Don't mean to neglect my friends.  I'm still not connected to the net at home, and I'm not sure I'd have time to keep up anyway!  LOL  I do read, though, and enjoy.  Love, Kathy
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Hey Girlfriend, haven't heard from you for a bit, is everything going all right for you.  Sure do miss you, are you just having too much fun as a free woman?  Let me hear from you, your friend, lillian
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Dear Vicki:  Please tell me more about Cantron.  What type of cancer did your mother have?  Thanks.  Kathy in Boise

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it is a great product my mother had cancer and withtin 6 months was cancer
free and has been for 2 years. we receive the product from medical research.
it is a shame that everyone can not know about this wonderful product and
was glad to see information on the internet. my sister just got diagnosed
with lupus and is going to start the program I have no doubt she will
please keep up the good work on letting people know about ths product.

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