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Re: [MOL] Radiation or complete masectomy?

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for the encouraging words. My mother's cancer is rare. It's not
estrogen positive, nor is it Her2neu (sp?). She has overexpression of
the P53 gene and all the research I and my dad have been able to do
indicates that the prognosis in that kind of cancer is poor. It's not
responsive to chemo, probably isn't to radiation, and since it's in her
blood could probably spread anywhere at any time. It's only been
discovered fairly recently. Gene therapy clinical trials targeting P53
genes has been successful in I think leukemia and maybe prostate cancer
(can't remember). However there are no clinical trials of the sort
anywhere in the U.S. that we can dig up. The theory is the gene therapy
targets the P53 and switches it off in a sense, so it goes back to its
normal role of being a tumor suppressor. Then the cancer becomes
receptive to the normal modes of treatment.

My mother has always taken care of herself. She eats well, exercises and
looks far younger than her 56 years. We are all hoping that her general
health and possibly the mastectomy will help keep the cancer at bay.
Thus we are looking for information on ways to boost her immune system

Thanks for the support, anyway. This listserv is a wonderful resource
and filled with amazing people. Take care, Shannon

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