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Re: [MOL] Cancer Fatigue: Liz

Hi Joicy,
I am slow to reply because I have been teaching days in the public schools
and nights at the college. I spent the last three days with third graders.
Interesting age. I wouldn't want to do it all the time. I don't think I
would have the energy.

My memory lapses are frequently words that just won't come to mind when I
need them although they have been in my working vocabulary for years. While
teaching, that is a bit of a pain. Like you, I can deal with the physical
results; I have lots of trouble dealing with the loss of energy. I guess I
always feel there is too much to be done to take time just vegging out.

How are things going for you? I am feeling fortunate because my mammogram
showed no problems and I really believe I am cancer free.
Love Ya

>Dear Liz, it is indeed frustrating. I have always been high energy also
>-- even kind of hyper (very much an over-achiever), so this is
>devestating, to feel so brain-dead. When I read about the effects of
>chemo and tamoxifen on cognitive skills and energy, I don't know whether
>to be glad (it's not my imagination, I am not crazy, it's real) or very
>sad (let me outta here!!! give me my brain and energy  back!!!!) It is a
>major struggle. I would be lying to say otherwise. I can deal with
>losing a breast. Losing my mind and energy is much harder...but we can't
>give up, can we? For we are fighters!!! Love, Joicy

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