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Re: [MOL] Suzanne

Received a phone call from Nancy Thursday.  It is heartwarming to know you
still think of me.  

Nancy - Know I promised to phone you today, but as usual Ms. Scatterbrain
lost the paper she wrote the number  on.

Nancy told me some of you want to know my status and what has happened
since I last posted.

Incidentally, took myself off the active mail list because the sheer number
of messages was totally overwhelming to me, but I would definitely enjoying
hearing from anyone that wants to write me - I will respond eventually,
i.e., within a few days. :)

Lillian, I heard you got a new computer - I'm so very happy for you.

Nancy says she is learning HTML and doing more MOL web pages for the group.
 Good for you.

As for me - don't recall where the last edition of the soap opera left off,
but will begin with second course of chemo.  

The Taxol and Navelbine were giving me almost no problems, but they also
were doing nothing to cure the cancer.  My cea count jump up to the mid
30-s from 11.

So he switched me to cistplatin and VP 16.  After only 3 treatments I got
so sick I almost died.  I was weak and not doing well when I got Thrush -
apparently primarily a childhood disease, but also common among cancer
patients.  You would not believe how big my mouth got and how red.  I had
just been to the dr. on a Friday, and he had given me a bunch of stuff for
it, but  nothing seemed to be working.

I called him every day until Monday or Tuesday he told me to come to the
hospital so he could take a look at me.  I was there a week -- received 2
pints of blook, antibiotics via IV, saline solution for rehydration from
the IV and food from the IV.  I had not been in great shape prior to this,
but now I was a mess.  Had I not gone to the hospital that day I am sure I
would have died.

Now, I am fatigued 99% of the time and do very little.  This e-mail is a
project for me.  My values are pretty good, but still the fatigue persists.
 Dr. said they don't know why but a lot of patients report it.  

Also, it has been 10 weeks since all this happened.  I am in stasis - no
remission, but nothing changing too much either except my cea count is
creeping back up.  So I have another check up in several weeks and I am to
call him week afrter next (he willbe out of town next week) and we will
decide where to go from here.  I am not ready to die yet so I will continue
fighting for now.

One good thing - When I first met him last June, he said he wanted to buy
me a year because there were supposed to be some really good new stuff
coming along.  We are both very pleased that I have made that year when
initially they only gave me 6 months!  My friends insist I have at least
two more, but I'm the original doubting Thomas!

For those of you who are spiritual, I must share that as Mark and I were
leaving to go to the hospital that date, I felt my guardian angel leave.  I
swear I could sense the void the angel left - why it left and then came
back, I don't know.  And I certainly don't mean to start any big
religious/philosophical discussions.  This is just what I felt happened.

My love to each and everyone of you - know your prayers and good thoughts
helped immensely.

Hope you are well Greg.

I s Angelo still with us?

How is Kathy in Colorado whose lung cancer was in remission?

By the way in the midst of all this I lost both my parents.  My father died
and my mother committed suicide the next day.  It was a terrible shock.

Also I go to the Wellness Center now for group support and hopefully other
activities now.  If there is one in your city, I highly recommend it.

Love to you all.


And please write if you want
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