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[MOL] Re:Frank answer this PLEASE.....

Hi Frank,
Ok. now let's get your act together, we need you here to help us support 
others, after all you are the best looking and even have the sexiest voice,  
cause I have heard it.  You my dear have a lot to be thankful for and you 
have alot of people that care about you, your family and Hope and your huge 
family of MOLs, so now I want to hear a letter posted to the MOL group that 
you are OK. and that you are going to stand up and fight, you are going to 
promise not to just be a loser and give up.  I just know that our God expects 
more then that from you or any of us.  Get on your knees and ask God for more 
streinght to handle this load that you are not dealing with to well on your 
own.  He will help you but you have to ask, and you have to fight too.
I want to see a possitive Post from you tonight now, PLEASE, I love you and 
you are an important family member of the MOL Angel Family, you HEAR.
Now quit feeling sorry for yourself and pick yourself up out of the dummpy 
mood and get with it OK?
I love you Frank and you are important to many people.
Nanc ():-)

In a message dated 5/14/99 11:03:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time, fmc@ndak.net 

<< And don,t forget me Lillian.I have all but given up my fight to stay 
alive.I know for sure my cancer is going to kill me,so why fight?I don,t 
eat,except junk food.I haven,t taken a bath in over a week,I haven,t changed 
my cloths in days.I haven,t left my computer in over a week.I don,t go any 
where,I don,t visit my family or go to church.To me life is just to 
difficult,so why fight it.I have cancelled all my doctor visits,and have no 
plans in going.So,I will be on line from time to time,but it will not be the 
same..Love Frank >>
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