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Re: [MOL] Cancer Fatigue: Liz

Dear Liz, it is indeed frustrating. I have always been high energy also
-- even kind of hyper (very much an over-achiever), so this is
devestating, to feel so brain-dead. When I read about the effects of
chemo and tamoxifen on cognitive skills and energy, I don't know whether
to be glad (it's not my imagination, I am not crazy, it's real) or very
sad (let me outta here!!! give me my brain and energy  back!!!!) It is a
major struggle. I would be lying to say otherwise. I can deal with
losing a breast. Losing my mind and energy is much harder...but we can't
give up, can we? For we are fighters!!! Love, Joicy

Elizabeth Patterson wrote:
> Hi Joicy,
> It really is frustrating, isn't it. I have always been a very high energy
> person, but I certainly can't do what I used to do. I wonder if I can ever
> get back to normal.
> Liz
> >Liz, I don't know what the tests show, but I KNOW I have never regained
> >the energy I had pre-cancer...I am always dragging now. I hate it. I
> >hope someone gets around to checking it, Joicy
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