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[MOL] Kathy/fatigue

Hi Kathy,
Dealing with it is what we all do every day. Of course that doesn't mean that I experience no frustration because I can't keep the pace I used to.

By the way, speaking of frustration, how are you doing toward getting on line at home? I would hate it if my computers went down. Of course maybe I would get more done on other things. It seems like my computer world is becomming more and more important to how I spend my life.
My new signature line will give you the address for the summer classes I will be teaching both on site and on line. If you are interested you can surf through some of my stuff. Some pages are still under construction but you can see how I have been spending my time.

Liz Patterson
Patterson & Associates
2115 Summitview Ave.
Yakima, WA 98902
(509) 576-4213
For Patterson's on site YVCC English composition syllibi:(To be part of distance learning with YVCC beginning summer, 1999) http://users.ewa.net/patter/Eng101_102/home.html
MAC users needing help visit: http://users.ewa.net/patter/Macs.html
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