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Re: [MOL] Sharon, My heart has just swelled!

Sharon, this is so good that you are reaching out to others, thank you for sharing your knowledge, your experience, your heart and your soul, no wonder my heart swells.  Your friend, lillian
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Date: Tuesday, May 11, 1999 8:38 PM


I have to agree: I wish I had found this forum a year ago when I was so scared.

All  i could find was some chat space on Dr. Weil's site where someone left a message every three or four days. Talk about a cry in the dark!

I have my own approach to handling my cancer, as do most people. But the exchange of technical information, with site referrals, is invaluable.


Lillian wrote:

 Dear Dear Nephew:  Imagine my surprise when I turned on my computer, went to the mail and found that you have come home!  We have all missed you for many different reasons; but each reason has the word love behind it.  You knew quite well how I felt when you left the forum, and also when Carla left.  I sent you my words of wisdom; but they fell at the time on deaf ears.  If one wants to see this forum as a crutch then so be it; but it certainly is far more than a crutch.  It is about wonderful people meeting other wonderful people.  Its about caring, sharing, hurting and being able to be yourself and yet still understood.  Its about family, home and a warm place to hang  your hat.  It's about getting well and then taking the next hand and helping someone up that rocky road and past the bends to freedom.  Remember how Les sent jokes until he no longer could and how Ron told the beautiful stories till he no longer could?  Well, all of the people before us pushed themselves hard trying to help in their own way.  If we don't turn around and give to those behind us, the chain will break and Ron and Les; etc. gave in vein.  We follow in our fellow war heroes footsteps, we rear our heads proudly for what they gave to us and it is for us to give it to the new members.  Now, if God has not touched us, then I don't know anything about this word life.  But He has, and we must do the same to our new friends.  My heart swells when I see a new member reaching out to help yet another newer member.  We rejoice of your return and many people will be touched with your beautiful writings.  Lovingly, Aunti Lil